Spring Fit

Has your health ever been as important as it is now? Thought not! Health is Wealth and here at Spring City we understand the importance of a good fitness routine to keep your health in check.

Our unique Spring Fit classes are a perfect combination of Cardiovascular work ( to make you out of breath) and conditioning work ( to help build and maintain muscle mass). These 2 elements make up the key to a healthier lifestyle.

What's so unique?

The movement of jumping on a trampoline requires effort and burns hundred of calories over a prolonged period of time. What makes this class unique is the feeling of bouncing, with less impact on the joints and opposite to the monotonous feeling of running on a treadmill. You've got to try it to believe it!

With upbeat music, a lively and experienced instructor, you'll almost forget that you're exercising.

Health Benefits for Regular Attendance:

  • Increase in cardio fitness and muscle mass
  • Mobility of all joints but with reduced impact
  • Massive Calorie Burn ( Up to 500 calories an hour)
  • Weight loss due to calorie deficit (aided with a calorie controlled diet)
  • Increase in metabolic rate
  • Full engagement of all muscle groups ( perfect for core and legs)


  • This is an adult Fitness to Music Class
  • The duration of the class is 45 minutes
  • Spring City grip socks must be worn for the duration of the session*
  • Children 10 years old+ can attend with an adult
  • DO NOT exercise if you have been advised by a doctor.

Times and Prices:

Prices: £5 per session

Frequent Users: Spring Fitness Pass - 3 Classes for £10 available until Dec 2020- Click to Read More

Monday: 7.15pm - 8pm

Wednesday: 6.30pm - 7.15pm

*Covid 19 - As this session is the last of the daily programme we do allow for spring city gripper socks to be re-used for this session. Socks can be purchased online for £1.50 or at reception.