Rules & Safety

General Information:

Keeping our Springer's safe is the number one priority at Spring City. With a fully trained Spring squad alert and ready to help, we also have a strict set of rules that everyone MUST follow.

Our Spring Squad have the power to eject anyone who is not keeping to the rules from the park. We enforce a three strikes policy to ensure the safety of every bouncer is considered.

We have trained first aiders on site if anything unfortunate does happen, but stick to the rules and you're sure to keep that smile on your face.

Main Bounce Rules:

  • We have a strict 17.5 stone weight restriction on our trampolines
  • An 'Acceptance of Terms - AofT' must be signed before entering the arena. No signature, No bouncing.
  • Everyone must watch a 3 minute briefing video before entering the arena
  • Spring City gripper must be worn at all times whilst on the arena
  • No food or drink ( bottled water permitted) on the main arena
  • No running or lying on the trampolines or foam
  • No double bouncing or attempting tricks outside of your ability level
  • No outdoor footwear allowed onto the main arena walkways
  • The Court Monitors word is final and the '3 strikes rule' will be applied for foul play
  • Land safe, have fun and don't forget to smile!

Main Jump Bag Rules:

  • DO NOT dive head first into the Jump Bag (this could result in serious neck injuries)
  • Check the lane is clear before you make your jump.
  • Plan your landing beforehand (land on your back or bum)
  • Always wait for the court monitors instruction to jump.
  • Exit the Jump Bag by the platform at the far end.
  • No backflips.