Fortnite Tournament

It's time to test your gaming skills to the max and join Spring City's quest to find the best Fortnite player in the city.

Join our 2 weeks tournament where the 1st place winner takes home a £350 prize! The tournament will take place in the Spring City's Gaming Hub where the atmosphere in the neon lit room will only heighten the excitement.

General Details:

Dates are Sunday 22nd March - Saturday 4th April (inclusive)

Consoles are our PS4's and Xbox's only. No PC's.

Tournament will be held on Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 2 and is SOLO ENTRY ONLY.

All consoles will be set to a minimum of Level 20 and all competition gaming must be played off Spring City accounts.

Minimum age for entrants is 7 years old.

Written parental permission is required for any gamer under the age of 12.

Prize fund - 1st Place £350, 2nd Place £100, 3rd Place £75, 4th Place £50.

Maximum number of entrants is 100.

Personal headsets, controllers and settings can be used.

Entry to the Competition is £20 per person.

Competition Rules

The Scoring System is based on a accumulated 3 game score. Points will be awarded as follows:


Victory Royale - 10 Points

2nd - 5th - 7 Points

6th - 15th - 5 Points

11th - 15th - 10 Points

16-25th - 3 Points

> 25th - 1 Point


1 Point per Elimination

The Competition Pass - £20

The 3 Games must be played within the 3 x 1 hour slots that your competition pass will allow you to book. Bookings for access to the Gaming Room must be done online using your unique code which is emailed to you. Availability to the room is on a first come first served basis. The gaming room will be open to book: Monday 4-7pm, Wednesday 4-7pm, Thursday 4-6pm, Friday 4-8pm, Saturday 10-6pm and Sunday 11-5pm. 2 Hour sessions can be booked if desired.

WINNERS Will be contacted and announced on Sunday 5th April @ 7pm.

Note in the event of a tiebreaker:

Tiebreakers will be used for both the overall winner and each individual placement.

  1. Total points scored
  2. Total Victory Royales in the session
  3. Average eliminations per session
  4. Average placement per match in the session