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Why get a car, when you can have a bike?

Our doors are open and we’ve bounced back, but that’s nothing new, what’s new is the brand new cycling lanes that are coming to Liverpool!

Now that life has started to get busy again, especially with schools reopening, guess what’s made an appearance again? That’s right! Busy roads and congestion. A sore sight, especially after the lockdown months where the Himalayas were seen from more than 100 miles away for the first time in 30 years, how incredible.

With climate change worsening year on year, the best way that we as individuals can fight back is by looking at how each of us contribute to this issue. What better way to help out than by walking and cycling when you are able to, this not only helps with reducing greenhouse gas emissions, this also promotes fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Spring City as the first trampoline park in Liverpool takes pride in being able to encourage fitness in Liverpool by providing opportunities to exercise not just with your friends and family, but also during our Spring Fit exercise classes!

With the introduction of new bike lanes through the government exercise scheme, we understood that cycling to work and school would greatly benefit personal health, the equivalent of lockdown walks. We couldn’t resist jumping on this bandwagon, or should we say cycle and we decided to host a competition to give away a bike worth £300!

From the thousands of comments on our posts on our instagram (@springcityliv) and facebook pages along with the many, many story mentions, our social media team were in for a wild ride!

However, all good things must come to an end and a winner emerged from the masses. Winner, winner, chicken dinner but in this case the winner won their very own £300 bike. Well done to all those who participated and an extra congratulations to our winner! If you do zoom past Spring City, why not come in and bounce, but don’t forget to pre-book!