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Let's Get This City Bouncing..... Again!

What a relief! Finally our doors are flung open and we are back to doing what we do best after what feels like a lifetime in lock down the past 4 months! 'How was lockdown for you?' It's a question that we might still be asking ourselves and we hope you made the most of it and came through it safe and well. It became a time of reflection, appreciating the smaller things in life and taking life back to basics. We recognised our fantastic NHS and key workers and looked at family time from a different perspective.

Lockdown Life

Whether you basked in the sunshine during the early stages of lockdown or baked your 40th banana bread by week 7; lock down life really was a strange time for most. As a team of nearly 40 staff, who like the rest of the UK was unsure what the future would bring, we put on our typical positive hats and tried to seek out the best in the situation.

From themed bake off's, regular zoom calls and the odd quiz thrown in for good measure we did our best to motivate each other and try to make the most out of the gifted time we had been given.

Come back

Nothing felt quite like the relief when the PM gave us the nod for reopening. It really was an all hands on deck few weeks, a few testing times and plenty of zoom calls later we had a plan to run with and was happy we had done enough to keep our team and customers safe.

We worked right up to the 11th hour with adrenaline on tap but it all felt very worth it when our first smiley faced toddler waddled in the building on Saturday morning and squealed with excitement. We we're back!