Welcome to Spring City! We are Liverpool's First Trampoline Park, boasting a superb facility that is ready and waiting for an active school like yours.

We offer a very competitive discounted rate for schools, with discounted socks too!

How can schools utilise the facility?

*To increase pupil participation due to its fun nature

*For reward and recognition days

* End of term celebrations

*To facilitate block bookings for PE classes

*To raise the profile of PE/Sport across the whole school

Benefits of Trampolining:

* Encourages confidence

* It's sustained cardio exercise in disguise

* Will help develop motor skills and coordination

* Improves posture and strengthens core muscles

* Boosts self esteem due to the freedom of movement

Other teacher info:

* Risk Assessment and Public Liability Insurance documents readily available

* We cater for block bookings

* Our preferred visit times are Mon,Weds,Thurs and Fri 10am-12pm or 2pm-4pm - However, we will try our best to accommodate out of these times

*Top tip: Collect the socks at the end of your session and reuse them on your next visit

For quotes and enquiries contact: