Spring City is a haven of trampolines where the freedom to let loose is euphoric. With a main arena sporting 49 flat bed and angled trampolines you will be literally bouncing off the walls! With the backdrop of the river Mersey and cool brick interior the colourful trampolines and foams set the place a light.

Tucked in the corner is a dodgeball court for a 6 aside game, our monitors are on hand to referee even the most fast paced of teams. Be sure to pick your team wisely and of course, sweat bands and lycra are welcome on court ;)

With 2 basketball lanes there is plenty of opportunity to practise your slam dunks. Take on your friend with a one on one match and feel the air as you make that all important swoosh!

In the heart of the park is the all important Jump Bag. Safer and better than all foam pits you'll be sure to land all of the tricks that you have up your sleeve.

We have a range of fitness classes and a full range of healthy alternatives available in the Café, Spring City is the epitome and forefront of a health lifestyle.